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Molding & Prototyping

Our equipment…

Newbury Injection Molding (2 Machines)

Newbury Injection Molding <em>(2 Machines)</em> We have two Newbury 30-Ton Vertical Injection Mold Machines with a 4-ounce injection capability. We are currently running custom over-molding assemblies on our two Newbury Machines.

VanDorn 75 Ton Injection Molding (1 Machine)

VanDorn 75 Ton Injection Molding <em>(1 Machine)</em> We have a 75 ton VanDorn horizontal injection mold machine, capable of mass production of rigid plastic housings, connectors, shells, grommets, and any other custom molded parts.

Solidscape Pattern Master Prototyping (1 Machine)

Solidscape Pattern Master Prototyping <em>(1 Machine)</em> The Solidscape Pattern Master unit creates true 3D models through a process known as rapid prototyping. It can be very useful because it identifies the need for significant changes early in the production process. This will reduce overall cost, while improving performance. If you still use 2D design, rapid prototyping may be a solution for your company. See our Pattern Master rapid prototyping design center in our Virtual Tour section.


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