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Wire Termination

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CrimpCenter 12 (2 Machines)

CrimpCenter 12 <em>(2 Machines)</em> Low-cost alternative for the basic cut, strip and terminate of wires ranging from 10 - 26 AWG. The unit will process both open and closed barrel terminals as well as vertical doubling applications. It comes standard with two 3.5 ton presses that will accept most mini-style applicators.

AMP Presses (10 Presses)

AMP Presses <em>(10 Presses)</em> The AMP-O-LECTRIC has been a staple in the wire harness manufacturing industry for many years. The press is fitted to accept most industry standard miniature quick-change applicators. Inside Track Cabling has an extensive stock of AMP-O-LECTRIC presses.

Molex Universal Press (2 Presses)

Molex Universal Press <em>(2 Presses)</em> The Molex TM-2000 Universal Press terminator machine is an electrically operated, single cycle flywheel press. It is designed to provide an effective method of applying a wide range of side feed and rear-feed terminals to a pre-stripped discrete wire and cable. The TM-2000 is suited to mid-volume semi-automatic operations.

Molex TM-40/42 Presses (4 Presses)

Molex TM-40/42 Presses <em>(4 Presses)</em> The Molex TM-40 and TM-42 are crimping presses with a universal feed, adjustable to all Molex terminals. Quick release tooling allows for a fast, simple changeover. They also have the ability to remove upper tooling without removing the lower die, and no ram adjustment is required. In addition, these presses have independent conductor and insulation adjustments with position indicators.

JST Semi-Automatic Press (1 Press)

JST Semi-Automatic Press <em>(1 Press)</em> Semi-automatic crimping machines (presses) contact a wire to a chain terminal each time a footswitch is pressed.

Schleuniger CT-32 (1 Machine)

Schleuniger CT-32 <em>(1 Machine)</em> CT series machines can use interchangeable die sets for coaxial cable crimping applications or red, yellow, and blue closed barrel crimping applications. The CT 32 can be fitted with die adapter kits to accept the most common crimping die sets from manufacturers such as Panduit, Daniels, AMP and Ideal.

Tyco/AMP Applicators

Tyco/AMP Applicators AMP applicators come from a long tradition of quality, reliability, and precision. Manufactured from high grade tool steels, and processed through state-of-the-art CNC equipment for tightest tolerances, AMP applicators are made for high repeatability and fast throughput. Every piece goes through an exhaustive test and calibration process, with each one shipped with test samples verifying operation and full documentation for operation, adjustment, and maintenance. Tyco Electronics offers an unmatched selection of applicator styles and terminal types, with configurations for both AMP and other manufacturers’ terminals.

Schleuniger Universal Applicator

Schleuniger Universal Applicator The universal Uni-A applicators are designed for use with side and end feed, banded terminals with either open or closed barrel construction. The innovative, uni-body design results in better tooling alignment, fewer parts, simpler adjustments, and a significant reduction in weight and better price. Handling and set up has never been easier. The Uni-A is suitable for use on automatic wire processing systems as well as on bench-top presses for terminals with either metal, plastic or Mylar tape carrier strips.

Mini Mac Applicator

Mini Mac Applicator The Molex Mini-Mac Applicator is designed to provide an effective method of applying a wide range of side feed terminals to a pre-stripped discrete wire and cable.

KM Digitech/KM-USA Applicators

KM Digitech/KM-USA Applicators Inside Track Cabling carries a wide variety of quick change KM-USA and KM Digitech applicators.

Molex Pico Terminator (1 Machine)

Molex Pico Terminator <em>(1 Machine)</em> Inside Track Cabling is one of only a few companies in the United States to offer Pico Termination services. The PB14 terminates 4 to 26 circuits with only very small amount of adjustment; this will take about 5 minutes. The connectors are loaded into the vertical chute. After ribbon cable is inserted, the connector is ready to be terminated.

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