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Pull Tester 25 (1 Tester)

Pull Tester 25 <em>(1 Tester)</em> Schleuniger’s pull tester devices are dual-range, motorized benchtop units designed to measure pull test forces on a wider range of wire than single-range pull test devices. These versatile machines enable use of its 110 lb. scale for small wires, while easily switching to its 220 lb. scale for larger wires.

Cirrus 1000H+/2000 (3 Testers)

Cirrus 1000H+/2000 <em>(3 Testers)</em> The Cirrus 1000H+ tester gives us all of the test capabilities we need for mostly every type of wire and cable assemby made. The tester itself is capable of testing 128-points but is expancable to 1024 points. The 1000H+ is capable of performing resistance testing with a connection resistance range of 0.1-100K ohm and an insulation resistance range of 5M-100M ohm. In addition, the tester is also perfoms Hipot and complex component testing. The Cirrus2000 is capable of standard continuity testing. It is capable of testing 128 points, point to point.

Mitutoyo Digital Calipers

Mitutoyo Digital Calipers Precision measuring equipment.

Mitutoyo Digital Micrometers

Mitutoyo Digital Micrometers Precision measuring equipment.

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