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Ultrasonic Wire Welding

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When you have an application that requires wire splicing, or a special application requiring that two or more wires be stacked together, to be soldered into or onto a soldered application, Inside Track Cabling has the equipment to meet your specific needs. The major benefit of ultrasonic welding allows the presentation of a single leg to solder, rather than attempting to align multiple conductors while applying solder. Another major benefit of ultrasonic welding is cost-effectiveness. This process is just a fraction of the cost of applying a mechanical crimp splice or a solder splice. The process is simple, yet durable, and effective. Copper wire is welded together ultrasonically, resulting in a very clean and neat weld. We use a Stapla ‘Raptor Series’ ultrasonic welder. Stapla is among the finest ultrasonic welding machines in the industry. It is fully programmable, accommodating a wide range of wire sizes. The Stapla Ultrasonic Welding Machine may be viewed in our “Equipment” section. Below are just a few of the types of cables that we have produced using ultrasonic welding.

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