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Custom Over-Molding and Tooling Design

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Molding Machine Do you have a product that requires injection over-molding such as a strain-relief, wire/cable junction, connector shell, etc.? We can take an existing product and create a quick-change modular mold cavity that will mount into our universal bases, or in many cases we can adapt your existing cavities to be run in our machines. Our quick-change modular mold cavities are designed to minimize the overall size of the cavity, thereby reducing the cost to produce the cavities as well as minimizing tooling set-up and breakdown, resulting in reduced production cost to you. Perhaps you have an existing application where you would like to introduce a molded component or simply have a concept that you would like to develop. We will work with you to design and document your molded product, then design and produce your quick-change modular cavities.

Combined with our Rapid-Prototyping service we will take your concept and produce an actual full-scale model of your component, having it in your hands for evaluation within a few days of completing the component drawing. Contact us to see what we can do for you! We are presently running two 30-Ton Newbury Vertical Injection Mold Machines with a 4-ounce injection capability. These machines are more than capable of handling most wire and cable assembly over-molding requirements. We've begun production on a newly purchased 75 ton Van Dorn horizontal injection mold machine, capable of mass production of housings, grommets, or virtually any other custom molded product your company may need.