Ultrasonic Welded Wire

When you have an application that requires wire splicing, or an application requiring that two or more wires be stacked together to be soldered into/onto a soldered application, ITC has the equipment and techniques to accomplish these needs in the form of ultrasonic wire welding.

The ultrasonic wire welding process process is simple, yet durable and effective. Copper wire is welded together ultrasonically, resulting in a very clean and neat weld.

The major benefit of ultrasonic wire welding is that it allows the presentation of a single leg to solder, rather than attempting to hold and align multiple conductors during the solder application process. Another major benefit of ultrasonic welding is its cost-effectiveness – this cost of ultrasonic welding is just a fraction of the cost of applying a mechanical crimp splice or a solder splice.

We utilize one of the finest ultrasonic welding machines in the industry, the Stapla ‘Raptor Series’ ultrasonic welder. It is fully programmable, and accommodates a wide range of wire sizes.

The photos above show a sampling of the types of cables that we have produced using ultrasonic welding.

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