Custom Molded Plastic Parts Design & Development

Do you have a product that requires injection over-molding such as a strain-relief, wire/cable junction, connector shells, etc., but you need help with the final steps of design and integration?

If you have an existing application in which you would like to introduce a molded component, or simply have a concept that you would like to develop. We will work with you to design and document your molded product, then design and produce your quick-change modular cavities.

We can take an existing product and create a quick-change modular mold cavity that will mount into our universal bases, or in many cases we can adapt your existing cavities to be run in our machines. Our quick-change modular mold cavities are designed to minimize the overall size of the cavity, thereby reducing the cost to produce the cavities. They also minimize tooling set ups and break downs, resulting in reduced production costs for you.

When combined with our Rapid-Prototyping service, we can take your concept and produce an actual full sized model of your component, and have it in your hands for evaluation within a few days of completing the component drawing.

Put our experienced staff to work for you and send us your request for quote. If you would prefer to come to our facility and deliver your samples or drawings in person, we would be happy to give you a tour of our facility so you can see our capabilities first hand. And, we always welcome you to contact us for any other information.